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📦 classifiers

A library for few-shot text classification, which is the task of classifying text into a set of categories, given only a few examples of each category.


npm install @energetic-ai/classifiers


If you don't supply a specific model source, initClassifier will implicitly use remoteModelSource to download the model weights from TFHub on first use, which can take ~2 seconds.

import { initClassifier } from "@energetic-ai/classifiers";

(async () => {
// Initialize with training examples
const classifier = await initClassifier([
["The world is happy", "Positive"],
["Work is so fun", "Positive"],
["I had a great day", "Positive"],
["I had a bad day", "Negative"],
["I am frustrated", "Negative"],
["I am depressed", "Negative"],

// Classify a single string
const single = await classifier.classify("The weather is so nice today");
// { "label": "Positive" ... }

// Classify multiple strings in a batch
const multiple = await classifier.classify([
"What is this? I am so angry!",
"I am so excited!",
// [{ "label": "Negative" ... }, { "label": "Positive" ... }]

You can also download the model weights locally by installing the @energetic-ai/model-embeddings-en package, and reduce cold start inference to ~20 ms at the cost of module size.

import { initClassifier } from "@energetic-ai/classifiers";
import { modelSource } from "@energetic-ai/model-embeddings-en";
(async () => {
const model = await initClassifier(
/* ...examples... */
// ... snip ...


Here's the table for the provided code:

ClassifierExampleA type representing an example for classification, consisting of two strings: input and label.
ClassifierExampleEmbeddingA type representing an example embedding for classification, consisting of an array of numbers (embedding) and a string (label).
ClassifierResultA type representing the result of classification, containing the predicted label, class index, and confidence scores for each label.
ClassifierA class representing a classifier, which uses an embeddings model and a KNN classifier for classification.
Classifier.modelA property of the Classifier class representing the embeddings model used for classification.
Classifier.knnA property of the Classifier class representing the KNN classifier used for classification.
Classifier.constructorThe constructor method of the Classifier class, used for initializing the classifier with examples and an embeddings model.
Classifier.classify(inputs)A method of the Classifier class that classifies a single input string and returns a promise of ClassifierResult.
Classifier.classify(inputs[])A method of the Classifier class that classifies an array of input strings and returns a promise of an array of ClassifierResult.
initClassifierA function that initializes a classifier with examples and an optional embeddings model source.